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Both secular scholars and theologians will find their work enriched by reading Mary and the Art of Prayer. It leads the reader into the world of late medieval religious practice and sets an excellent example of method for future research.

Georgiana Donavin, author of Scribit Mater: Mary and the Language Arts in the Literature of Medieval England Mary and the Art of Prayer is packed with information and insight, inviting the reader not just to examine medieval devotion to Mary but to experience that devotion. Medieval Christians had a rich and ancient tradition of devotion to the Lady of the Jerusalem temple. The reader is deftly drawn into the candle-lit Middle Ages, to read the Scriptures as the faithful read them, and to pray with them, not just to examine their practice of prayer.

Based on many years of research, Mary and the Art of Prayer offers a huge collection of devotional material, all translated into English.

A Book of Prayers for Kids: Ways to Talk to God Every Day

Much of this is little known outside specialist circles. This book is a labor of love, written with real understanding. Margaret Barker, author of The Great Angel and The Mother of the Lord No persuasive account of the Virgin can now ignore the liturgical and exegetical sources on which [Brown] lavishes such scrupulous care. Mary and the Art of Prayer could well be a game-changer in that conversation.

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Speculum Given both its size and unique methodology, Mary and the Art of Prayer will challenge its readers to reconsider how they interpret the categories of 'medieval', 'imagination' and 'devotion'. Rebekah Lamb, Catholic Herald This book is the product of massive and original scholarship Homiletic and Pastoral Review Brown makes the experience of the Hours of the Virgin come alive through the methodology of the book itself, which engages the reader through the structure of the Marian Office. This book represents the best of traditional textual scholarship, with an innovative structure that captures the imagination.

Book of Prayers

Anglican and Episcopal History If you would like to learn to pray like a medieval Christian, this book is for you. Wonderpedia Rachel Fulton Brown has reconfronted us with her masterful book For three hundred years, from about to , more Books of Hours were commissioned and collected, bought and sold, given and stolen , bequeathed, and inherited than any other type of book, including the Bible.


The Book of Hours has rightly been called the "bestseller" of the late Middle Ages. The reasons behind this popularity are revealed by the inspiring textual and dazzling pictorial contents of the Books of Hours in this exhibition.

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When printing was invented in the mid-fifteenth century, presses churned out thousands of copies in hundreds of editions and put Books of Hours into the hands of a new and even larger audience. As prayer books whose devotion centered on the Blessed Virgin Mary, Books of Hours offered the literate lay public direct, democratic, and potentially unceasing access to God, Mary, and a panoply of saints.

The immense popularity of Books of Hours derived from their pictures as well as their texts.